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About Us

Modern silhouettes with vibrantly designed museum quality prints. Smart, sexy, and unique
pieces that will take you from daytime to evening.

Vision: Museum quality prints for Men and Women’s clothing.

Signature Style: Modern silhouettes with vibrantly designed prints.

Influence: Hidden beauty in our surroundings.  We find beauty in nature, technology and color chipped paint on a door in New Orleans, a computer circuit board or a photo we took of the favelas in Brazil.

Brand Philosophy: Smart, sexy, and unique pieces that will take you from daytime to evening.

Evelyn Luna

Evelyn Luna was born in the Bronx, New York City. She studied the H.S. of Art & Design and received her BFA at New York’s Parsons School of Design. For 13 years she was a key member of Diane Von Furstenberg’s original design staff that re-launched the DVF brand and its myriad of successful designs. She subsequently became Director of DVF’s textile dept. In 2003, she ventured on to become Textile Product Manager at Victoria’s Secret lingerie. Before long Evelyn began consulting independently for DVF, VS Swimwear and other designers in the fashion and home furnishing industry.

Scott Chester

Scott Chester was born in Brooklyn, later went to H.S. of Art and Design in Manhattan where he studied Industrial design and met Evelyn Luna. Graduated to CCS college of automotive design in Detroit in 1984, Studied product design at Pratt Institute in 1986 then transferred to Art Center in Pasadena California in 1988. In 1990 Scott moved back to Brooklyn and opened ACID Studios to design custom furniture for clients in Manhattan. This was the beginning of Arielle Chester Industrial Design (ACID) named after his daughter born in 1990. In 1998 Scott (or ACID) worked with Jon Drew and Marvin Samel to develop ACID Cigars a premium, hand rolled Cigar brand manufactured in Nicaragua.